Hedy Lamarr

«Hollywood broke my heart; I had to build myself a shell».


The pilot has announced that we are flying at 33,000 feet, I am on a plane on the way to northern Europe and now I marvel at the intensity of this blue, just a moment ago I could see how small we are from this watchtower, the most powerful trees seem tiny shrubs with cloud buds, the dams simulate puddles and the houses, triangles of colours perfectly framed in collage with the landscape. As we approach the zenith, the vision begins to be that of a cartographic map until it is finally lost among the infinity of clouds.

Once again, this sensation, though already known, fills me with gratitude for life and beauty. It comforts me to feel small if I know I am part of this scene, when other eyes watch as I do from up here.

And one reflection leads me to another: to take care of ourselves, to defend beauty, to solemnize it, to praise and acclaim it, to thank and to be awake to the gift of its enjoyment.

MujerArt was born with the desire to make women artists visible, to share the excellence of their creations, those born from the feminine feeling, with the perspective of another sensitivity and struggle of their own. Convinced that no one should take away from us any piece of history and everything that women have done to make the world a more livable place.

For what is art, but a way of living, respecting and understanding the world?